IntraVoiP is a provider of premium quality communication services. IntraVoiP enables you to make cheap & high quality calls regardless of your location worldwide.
IntraVoiP offers four ways to make calls: via an app on your smartphone, from your computer, from your regular phone (connected to a SIP device) or via a dial-up number. Moreover, simultaneous calls are possible from one account. 
Up to 30 payment methods are available. For more information visit Buying Credit.
IntraVoiP customers do not pay any regular or irregular fees and their credit has no validity restrictions.
In order to avoid spam the system is set for automatic registration confirmation within 48 hours. This helps us avoid fake registrations. It takes up to two days to identify your payment correctly as each payment is proved and processed separately.
If you die not sumbit or misspelled the username in the special window, your payment cannot be processed. Therefore, please send us an email at with the following details: username, amount paid, payment method & date. After the verification of the provided data your payment will be processed.
In your personal account go to «How to Call» and press «Local Access Number», then «View Numbers» and in the section «Select Your Country» choose your country. After you have chosen the country the access number will appear. 
1) Log in to your account, go to «How to Call» and press «Local Access Number», then «Configure» and in the section «Phone number(s) that have access to this account» press «Add Number». Enter your landline or cell number (+ country code & number) and press «OK». Calls to local access numbers are identified automatically if your number is saved in the system. After automatic identification you only have to dial the target number (00 country code & number) and press «#»

2) Log in to your account, go to «How to Call» and press «Local Access Number», then «Configure» and in the section «The code that gives access to this account:» press «Create Code». A code will be generated which can be used for call from any cell or landline phone. When using a local access number you will be requested to enter this code. Enter the code, press «#» and if the code is correct, you can dial the target number (00 country code & number) and press «#». 
If your cell or landline number is registered for automatic identification, you can create an instant dial-up, but it depends on the way how a pause in entered in your phone. An example how to save the target number: XXXXX,00YYYYY#. In this case ХХХХХ - local access number, the comma means the pause, and 00YYYYY# - the target number followed by «#».
1) Local access numbers are convenient if you have a flat rate or low charges for calls to local landline numbers in your country.
2) If you dial a local access number and use a secret code, keep this code safe from any third party. 
Not every country offers the possibility to buy a local access number for our services. Often such a possibility exists, but the high prices make the purchase of local access numbers unreasonable.
1) The quality of a call depends on the quality and stability of your smartphone internet connection.
2) The data usage is minimal, but when possible use stable WiFi connections.
3) If your smartphone is in roaming, the costs for internet can be higher.
You can connect a normal phone to a SIP devices make calls via IntraVoiP from any location in the world. The best advantage: users of normal landline phones see no difference from their regular calls. 
IntraVoiP has a Caller-ID option. Log in to your account, go to «How to Call» and press «SIP», then «Settings» and in the section «Caller ID for SIP» enter you home or mobile number (+ country code & number) and press «Apply». In this way people you call will see your number and can call back by dialing the number you specified as your caller ID. 
The best office solution is the usage of IntraVoiP on a SIP deviceре (we recommend FritzBox) connected to normal landline phones (for convenience we recommend the usage of DECT-phones). You can connect a few phones to one SIP device. Your employees can make regular international calls in a normal way whereas the parties they call will see the required number on their displays. 
There no such restrictions, i.e. if you have only one IntraVoiP account, you can organize its simultaneous usage by as many employees or family members as required.